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In respect of any insurance to which this enquiry relates and any business conducted at the premises or elsewhere, please confirm that all principals, partners or directors have not;
  • Been charged with (but not yet tried) or convicted of a criminal offence (other than motor offences) or with a breach of health and safety legislation
  • Had any County Court Judgements against them
  • Been declared bankrupt or insolvent or voluntarily gone into liquidation
  • Been prosecuted or threatened with prosecution or are currently being prosecuted for any offence under Environmental Laws
  • Been declined insurance, had an insurance policy terminated, been refused a renewal or had special terms imposed (increased excess, restriction in cover)
To obtain a quotation you must confirm the following statements are true;
  • The premises are in a good state of repair and all equipment is in good working order
  • The premises has no history of flooding, vandalism, subsidence, heave or landslip
  • The business does not undertake any wholesaling or manufacturing of mix feeding stuffs for sale or export to any country
  • The business does not hire out any property, plant or machinery
  • The business does not engage in third party crop spraying by any means (e.g. commercial contracting, use of airborne spraying devices)
  • The business does not dispose of slurry by any other means than spreading on fields
  • The business does not undertake production of any genetically modified crop or grain
  • The business does not undertake any manual work away other than collection or delivery or any other activity noted by endorsement
  • The business meets all statutory obligations including Fire Safety, Electrical Inspections and Health & Safety regulations relevant to the business
  • Agricultural Buildings must not contain composite panels / combustible insulating materials / spray on foam
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